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The Cambodian (or Khmer) language employs a complex system of social registers that can be confusing even to Cambodians.

The Khmer proverb “Ches dob min smoeuning prasab mouy” which translates to “Knowing ten is not equal to having one skill”, which means that skilfulness and mastery of one thing is greater than having knowledge of ten things.

That’s exactly what we think of our translators.

We know that a successful translation requires much more than just language knowledge.

That’s why all our Khmer translators are native speakers, so they can navigate through the idioms and social etiquette to provide you with an accurate translation.

Of course we match your needs to the skill of the translators we select for you. For instance, if your document is a business contract then we’ll make sure it is assigned to the Khmer translator who is an expert in drafting contracts. Simple, but so many of our competitors miss this vital step.

We’ve assembled a first-rate Khmer translation team who are ready to serve you, whatever your requirements.

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