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Cantonese Chinese translating and interpreting experts

Cantonese makes liberal use of proverbs, so much so that the graphic designer Mr Ah To, produced a famous picture expressing 81 famous Cantonese proverbs in an effort to preserve Canton and Hong Kong traditions.

Our absolute favourite is “gwái paak hauh méih jám” which translates as “A ghost slaps the back of one’s head” meaning, to let slip a secret without realising.

As all of our Cantonese translators are native speakers, colloquialisms and idiosyncrasies present no problems.

That’s what makes us so different at London translations; we know there’s a lot more to a successful translation than just language.

Each translation is assigned to the appropriate expert. If your document is a legal document then we’ll make sure it is assigned to the Cantonese translator who is familiar with the subject matter.

We’ve assembled an excellent Cantonese translation team ready to serve you whatever your requirements.