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Legal dictionary and blank notebook

The Main Differences Between Certified and Notarised Translation

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There are a number of reasons why you might need to get a document translated, but in some cases, translation alone might not be enough. Particularly when it comes to legal documents, you may be required to prove that the translation service you used was qualified and trustworthy. To do this, you will need one […]

Certifying your translations is an important step to making them official

When do you need a certified translation?

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A certified translation is something that our customers frequently need to seek out, and when it comes to translating official documents, having these legal papers certified by the appropriate authorities is essential. Yet there remains some confusion over certified translations, particularly in terms of when they are needed. This is potentially dangerous, especially as there […]


Not all names travel well – don’t choose a bad one

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What do we mean by a ‘bad’ name? We consider a name to be bad if by using it the product, brand name or corporate title is denigrated, thus causing an adverse impact on sales. Here’s a couple of examples: * In Japan there is a brand of soda called “Calpis Nude”; perhaps not an […]