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Music sheet and piano keys

Music and language: Why musical people can make the best interpreters

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Mounting evidence suggests that people with a musical background will have an increased ability when it comes to learning languages and an enhanced intellectual aptitude in developing difficult linguistic skills, such as being able to translate different languages rapidly in their heads. For these reasons, those who are musical could find themselves highly suited to […]

interpreting guide

Becoming an interpreter: Everything you need to know

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Becoming an interpreter involves a lot more than fluently speaking another language. Although there are a number of ways to start working as an interpreter, and different types of interpretation involve different skills, interpretation agencies will look at certain qualifications and attributes before taking on a new member of their team. All top interpreters share […]


Simultaneous Vs Consecutive Interpretation

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Although the very best interpreters all share the same degree of professionalism, their everyday tasks and the skillsets required of them differ depending on the type of interpretation they specialise in. In this article, we look at two of the most common types of interpretation: simultaneous interpretation, and consecutive interpretation. We identify what they involve, […]

Conference interpreter

Equip interpreters for success at your live conference event

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All of our linguists here at London Translations have a wealth of experience in specific fields, such as medicine and finance, which is essential when it comes to tailoring our translation and interpretation services towards particular industries. However, providing relevant information to interpreters in advance is also essential in ensuring the success of your live […]

Audience at business conference. People listening to lecture.

How to become a conference interpreter

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Here at London Translations, we hire trained and vastly experienced conference interpreters to serve every business need. If you’d like to learn more about the skills involved in becoming a conference interpreter, we have all the information you need below. What do conference interpreters do? Conference interpreting involves sitting in booths at national and international […]

Language Barrier words on a blockade, banner or sign to illustrate difficulty in translating or interpreting meaning between people of different cultures sharing communication

What effect will the Pilot earpiece have on the interpretation business?

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An earpiece which translates your conversation in real time might sound like science fiction, but thanks to Waverly Labs, it’s mere inches away from being scientific fact. Their Pilot earpiece is a piece of wearable tech which will allow users to talk face to face and in real time with anyone – regardless of the […]

resting bitch face at a business meeting

Could ‘Resting Bitch Face’ Ruin Your International Deals?

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The meeting is going smoothly. Mr Nagatomi is about to sign a deal that will help you crack open the Japanese market and make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. But wait, what’s happening? Nagatomi whispers something to his translator and she nods. You look at your lawyer in confusion. The deal is off. Nagatomi […]

Modes of interpreting: an introductory guide

Modes of interpreting: an introductory guide

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Many members of the public fail to appreciate that interpreting is an incredibly complex profession, with some even using the term synonymously with translation. In reality, taking the spoken word and rendering it in another language is a taxing affair, putting enormous pressure on interpreters to match the speaker’s tonal and emotional register without recourse […]

How to pursue a career in interpreting (Thinkstock/iStock)

How to pursue a career in interpreting

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There are dozens of ways a person can turn a passion for modern languages into a fruitful career. In the past few decades, we’ve seen the introduction of university and college courses tailored to every aspect of trades like translating and interpreting; what’s more, today’s business climate is such that companies of almost all sizes […]

international body language head shots

International Body Language – 12 Useful Tips

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You may have picked up a few simple pleasantries for the country into which you have chosen to expand your business, so make sure your efforts aren’t wasted by using a gesture that might be considered offensive. Here’s our guide to body language dos and don’ts around the world to help.