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Why technology will broaden linguistic opportunities, not limit them

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With the rapid rise of Google Translate and other online language tools, there has been much speculation about the wider effect this technology will have on the translation industry. Despite the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence leaving many translators fearing for their jobs, there is good reason to be optimistic about tech’s effect […]

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False-friend English to French translation: 10 common faux amis

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Faux amis (or ‘false friends’) are words that appear to be the same or similar in two languages but actually have very different meanings. They can easily cause confusion as it is often assumed they mean the same thing. There are two common kinds of faux amis; false cognates, where two words in two different […]

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Loanwords: What are they and where do they come from?

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Stop the press! ‘Marmite’ is French. And it’s not just the most-British of yeast spreads that is a loanword. Previously we’ve written about our favourite French words with no English translation, now this article will look some of our all time favourite loanwords which we use so regularly that they simply don’t need a translation. […]

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5 Languages to learn that could benefit your career

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At London Translations, we have previously written about how working in multiple languages can benefit your business. However, being bilingual doesn’t only benefit businesses; a second language can also be invaluable to your personal career. A 2014 survey from The Guardian found that 43% of the respondents felt better job prospects abroad would be the […]

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Why your office may speak more languages than you think

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The media is all too ready to decry a shortage of foreign language skills in the UK. Indeed, City AM claims a lack of language skills among British workers could be costing the UK tens of billions of pounds in missed trade and business opportunities each year. Despite the UK’s pivotal role on the global […]


Four reasons entrepreneurs should learn a second language

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According to the British Council, the UK’s lack of foreign language skills is thought to be costing our economy £50bn in missed trade and business opportunities each year. And it’s not just about big business—in 2011 over 27% of clerical and administration jobs went vacant because of the languages deficit. Entrepreneurship isn’t simply about technical […]

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The “real” London Translations: A little more about the foreign audiences on your doorstep

– Posted in: Language Services

You may think you only need a translator or interpreter when you’re doing business abroad. But with London being a melting pot of cultures, you could be missing an opportunity to use translation to reach your target market in their mother tongue. Here are three areas of London where translating your marketing campaign could really […]

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The endangered languages of Britain

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Research has shown that, for the last 40 years, a language has died every 4 months. And native British languages like Welsh and Gaelic are at risk of becoming a part of this unfortunate statistic. So how have these languages declined so drastically, and what do we stand to lose if they do die out? […]

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British entrepreneurs who speak another language

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  With the British somewhat infamous for their reluctance to acquire a second language, it is fortunate that English is a global language. But when it comes to business, not everyone is resting on their laurels. Here are five British entrepreneurs bucking the mono-lingual trend. Mike Whaites, MJW Embroidery, Swedish Founded in 2014, Whaites moved […]


5 Languages to learn that could benefit your business

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With world trade growing steadily each year (a 2.7% increase in 2015 according to the World Trade Organization), communicating in more than one language has never been more crucial. Whilst we caution you to leave any crucially important translation and/or interpretation to the professionals to avoid any mishaps, having a basic command of a foreign language […]