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The Indonesian proverb “Di mana bumi dipijak disana langit dijunjung” which translates to“ Wherever the land is stepped on, there the sky is upheld” is used to mean that every single society have their own personal traditions that must be kept and upheld.

Here at London translations, we love the unique nature of culture and customs that influence communication.

That’s why all of our Indonesian translators are native speakers. We know that there is a lot more to a successful translation than just language. Our translators bring with them the knowledge of local idioms and customs to make your translation completely authentic.

Each translation is also assigned to the appropriate expert. If your document is a property contract it will be assigned to the Indonesian translator who is an expert at drafting property contracts.

Similarly, if you need an art sale catalogue translated, we’ll hook you up with an art expert. It’s not rocket science but getting it right matters.

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