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Because with live events, there’s no second chance

Get an instant translation quoteAs every Event Manager knows, first impressions count and you only get one chance to get it right.

That’s why we only use highly qualified, experienced translators and interpreters who not only understand your subject matter but are used to working in the pressure-cooker of live events.

Our clients tell us their professionalism, punctuality, sensitivity and diplomacy is what ensures delegates enjoy the best possible experience and come back for more.

Here are just some of the many ways we help the world’s most successful companies and those on their way up.

  • Simultaneous conference interpreters
  • Consecutive & whispering interpreters
  • Speech and script translation
  • Delegate pack translation
  • Event promotion collateral translation

Let’s discuss how we can help make your event a success today.

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Choosing conference interpreters for your event

For many large and international events, planning ahead and hiring the perfect conference interpreters is essential.

There are many considerations that should factor into your decision, but the most important ones will be the size of the conference and the number of participants, as well as how many languages will be spoken.

Whispering and consecutive interpreters are perfect for small events

A whispering translator, for example, will whisper the translation directly to you or your delegate during a meeting. This is appropriate for small and quieter events, where only one person needs to hear the translation.

If the event translator needs to translate for several people in a small conference, a consecutive translation might be more suitable: the speaker will finish his speech and then the conference interpreter will report it to everyone in the translated language.

This type of conference translation is especially useful when most of the members of the audience understand one language – for example, if a French speaker’s talk is translated into English and all the other participants understand English.

You will need consecutive interpreters for large, multilingual events

When there are multiple languages being spoken, organizing the work of conference interpreters may get trickier. You have to take into account all the languages that will be spoken and how they will need to be related, and then hire your staff accordingly.

For large events, you will need to hire several conference interpreters who can perform simultaneous translation. This type of event translator is the most popular for conferences: he or she will translate speeches simultaneously, as the name suggests, and their translation will be heard by the audience through headphones.

Conference interpreters require specialist equipment and special working conditions, but they will deliver the best result for a large event where many different languages are spoken, ensuring translation is tailored to you and to your delegates.

Take into account what your specialty is

An event translator will often be specialised in one subject and know all the terminology of his or her area of expertise. This will allow for a precise, fast translation. London Translations always recommends professionals with a long track record in a specific area, which guarantees that your conference will be successful and your delegates will be happy with the conference interpreters provided.

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AME Trade Ltd - a fast growing business to business event organiser in Africa, the Middle East and South America - has been a regular client of London Translations Limited. For English translation into Portuguese our point of contact is Project Manager Ms Marta Lorenzini. Ms Lorenzini has always been very prompt in communication and consistently delivered required translations before the deadline, even when it was very tight.

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