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Malayalam translators and interpreters for your business

The Malayalam language and culture make heavy use of proverbs and idioms, so much so they even have a word for it –Pazhamchollukal.

One of our favourites is “Pattikku muzhuvan thenga kittiyathu pole!” which translates as “Like a dog that gets a whole coconut”.

It’s used when someone receives something that is unusable.

Many translation services are like this, you may receive a translation that is reasonably accurately translated, but due to the translator’s lack of local and cultural knowledge, the true meaning and subtleties of the text have been lost.

That’s why here at London translation all of our Malayalam translators are native speakers. We know that a successful translation depends on much more than just language.

All of our translations are also assigned to an appropriate expert. If, for instance, your document is a property contract, then it will be assigned to the translator who is an expert in drafting property related documents.

We have an excellent Malayalam translation team at London translations that are waiting to serve you, whatever your requirements.