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The Ukrainian proverb “Shchob rỳbku z’jìsty, trèba u vòdu lìzty” sums up our approach here at London translations perfectly.

It translates to “If you want to eat fish, you have to get into the water first” and is used to mean that if you want something, you must first put in the effort.

We believe that the key to our successful service is in the effort and attention to detail we put into every translation.

All of our Ukrainian translators are native speakers because we know that a successful translation is about much more than just language, of equal importance is a detailed (and up-to-date) knowledge of local customs and colloquialisms.

Having this inside knowledge ensures a greater level of authenticity in your translation and removes the possibility of anything being ‘lost in translation’.

We also make sure to assign each translation to an appropriate expert. If your document is a property contract then we ensure to assign it to a Ukrainian translator who is also an expert in drafting property contracts.

We have a first rate Ukrainian translation team here at London translators who are standing by ready to assist you, whatever your requirements.

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