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Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation

Arabic translation holds immense potential for businesses aiming to expand into new territories and tap into diverse markets. By acknowledging the cultural and linguistic diversity of Arabic-speaking regions, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to serving local audiences while gaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Whether it’s for marketing, customer service, legal compliance, or overall growth, accurate Arabic translation is an invaluable tool for success. As the fourth most used language in the world, businesses of all sizes will benefit from Arabic translation as they expand into new territories. 

Many Arabic-speaking communities are also multilingual, often fluent in English and other languages. By providing content in Arabic, businesses can cater to the language preferences of these audiences and deliver a more personalized experience.

Clear and effective communication is vital for any business relationship. Accurate translation guarantees that marketing materials, product information, contracts, and customer support are correctly conveyed, preventing misunderstandings that could damage business relationships.

Accurate Arabic translation is essential for demonstrating cultural sensitivity and establishing a genuine connection with consumers. By conveying messages in their native language, businesses can showcase respect for local cultures and traditions, which can foster trust and loyalty among target audiences.

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Accurate Arabic Translation Service for Your Business

London Translations is home to a team of expert linguists who can offer mother-tongue Arabic translations to and from any language. Beyond an in-depth knowledge of the Arabic script, which differs vastly from the Latin alphabet, our Arabic translators are well-versed in the cultural and corporate nuances of Arabic-speaking nations. These range from the correct terms of address to senior business associates to the appropriate way to turn down a proposal. 

We also promise to go further than other translation agencies when it comes to an understanding of our clients’ businesses. When you book Arabic translation services from us, we will not only assign a native linguist, but an expert in your sector. This guarantees a comprehensive knowledge of what your business does, including a full awareness of the technical terminology of your industry.

Why Is Arabic Translation Important To Businesses?

Although just 1% of Brits speak Arabic, it is the first language of over 300 million people around the world. These native speakers span across several continents and major marketplaces ranging from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE—22 territories in total. If your business is planning to expand into these nations, then working with an experienced Arabic translation service is critical.

Trade hubs like the UAE do business internationally, so a wide-ranging, multilingual awareness of up-to-date business vocabulary can ensure the highest quality and most useful Arabic translations for businesses. With linguists speaking over 150 different languages, London Translations has the expertise and precision to help you expand your business into these crucial markets.

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Is Arabic difficult to learn?

Arabic is often said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. The first reason for this is that the Arabic alphabet, much different to the Latin alphabet, uses 28 symbols that can change meaning depending on where they are positioned within a word. To add to the difficulty, Arabic script is read from right to left.

Another common problem is the way in which Arabic is spoken. Most of the consonants are formed in the back of the throat with a more forceful tone to traditional Western languages.

Is Arabic similar to any other languages?

Arabic shares distinctive features with Hebrew, as both are Semitic languages. This makes it easier for Arabic speakers to learn and understand Hebrew, and vice versa.

Quality Promise

We are committed to providing a consistent level of quality in all our customer engagements. Our staff members follow well-established business processes so we can communicate clearlydeliver on time and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Pricing packages available

You can use our services on an adhoc basis or take advantage of one of our contracted offers to suit your business requirements. Enter into a bespoke contract with London Translations and we will tailor a pricing package that best suits your business requirements:

Pay per minute of dictation for digital audio
Pay per word for copy typing
Pay by the hour for manuscript amendment or reformatting documents
Monthly fee that covers all services
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