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London Translations’ team of industry-leading linguists can offer expert translations for any business. Read on for our latest insights into the translation industry.

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3rd October 2019

The Importance of Financial Translation for Global Businesses

Thanks in no small part to the increased globalisation of the marketplace, the world’s economies are naturally becoming more integrated It’s read more
3rd October 2019

EU Medical Device Regulation & What It Means For Translation

The new European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) came into force in 2017, and following a three year transition period, all these read more
10th September 2019

How professional translations take the medical device industry further

Medical devices are the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry, and almost anyone who has ever come into contact with a medical professional has read more
10th September 2019

Medical device labelling: What is it & what are the requirements?

The term “medical device” covers a huge swathe of equipment used within the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors, from hypodermic needles to heart read more
15th May 2019

Word Growth In Translation Projects

How to avoid expensive surprises Text often tends to expand upon translation Not a lot of people know that, but it’s true For read more
26th July 2018

The Main Differences Between Certified and Notarised Translation

There are a number of reasons why you might need to get a document translated, but in some cases, translation alone might not be enough Particularly read more
2nd July 2018

When do you need a certified translation?

A certified translation is something that our customers frequently need to seek out, and when it comes to translating official documents, having

read more
14th May 2018

London Translations Helps Net Leaders London Global Summit Break Language Barrier

At the end of April, the London Translations team oversaw interpretation at NetLeaders’ London Global Summit 2018 The huge, three-day event took

read more
fiberoptic connections around the world
23rd April 2018

Website localisation best practices: 3 points to remember

If you’re looking to expand your brand’s reach across global markets, website translation is an essential step to take However, when it comes to

read more
handshake across a montage of faces
14th March 2018

How to work with an interpreter

When it comes to meetings, conferences or phone calls with an international audience, hiring an interpreter to provide instant translations for

read more
9th March 2018

What are the best languages for international businesses?

English has long been the lingua franca of the world and the dominant business language as a result However, the emergence of various different

read more
English language dictionary pages
8th March 2018

Brexit and EU English – how a new language has developed

With the aftermath and implications of the Brexit vote still the subject of daily debate in the papers and Parliament, the UK’s estrangement from

read more
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