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Growing Economies: Predictions and Language Opportunities

The economy is ever-changing. With COVID-19 causing recessions in some […]

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Translate english to french context

Context is King: Translating English To French

Translating between any two languages is much more complex than simply finding the corresponding word Rather, it’s a process which should be

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Can I Auto-Translate My Site? How Not To Translate A Website

Many marketers underestimate the challenges involved in translating their website, but that doesn’t always stop them from taking shortcuts Chief

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How Can I Translate My Website Accurately?

If you want to do successfully do business globally, there can be no language barriers between you and your clients This is why accurate website

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Simultaneous consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous vs Consecutive Interpreting

Interpreters play a huge role in global businesses, enabling communication to be conveyed across the world, and making it easier for companies to

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Mastering International Business Etiquette With Interpreters

Business etiquette is crucial in the corporate world, helping to create a mutually respectful atmosphere, improving communication, and enabling

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Eiffel tower among other famous global monuments

Doing Business In France

While France is renowned for being a world leader in tourism and culture, it’s much more than just an attractive holiday destination The country is

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