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Growing Economies: Predictions and Language Opportunities

The economy is ever-changing. With COVID-19 causing recessions in some […]

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French business language

French remains a key business language

French has long been considered a global language, spoken by over 275 million people around the world The power of French in the business world is

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illustration of financial processes

Financial Text Translation: Benefits of using professional translators

Regardless of their particular industry, financial translation is a typical requirement of many modern-day entrepreneurs, who recognise its

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illustration of a business report discussion

Financial Report Translation: Why Your Business Needs It

The annual report is a cornerstone of any modern business Used by investors, creditors, and clients, it outlines a company’s financial performance,

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The Importance of Financial Translation for Global Businesses

Thanks in no small part to the increased globalisation of the marketplace, the world’s economies are naturally becoming more integrated It’s

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EU Medical Device Regulation & What It Means For Translation

The new European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) came into force in 2017, and following a three year transition period, all these

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Professional translations advance the medical devices industry

Medical devices are the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry, and almost anyone who has ever come into contact with a medical professional has

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