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Remote Video Interpretation

Upgrading Events with Remote Video Interpretation in 2023

Upgrading Events with Remote Video Interpretation, know more about it!

The world is getting smaller every day, and that has never been more apparent since the world-wide lock down where, for many, the world shrank to the size of a bedroom. Despite this physical set back, your business need not be confined as well. With technology enabling communication across the world, it is still possible to expand your business and build new relationships with customers.

When engaging international audiences, events such as conferences, conventions, or workshops are a great way to showcase your company. For the best impact, you need to communicate with your audience in their native language. That’s where interpreters come in, allowing you to accurately communicate to customers and prospects. Traditionally this would involve a number of hurdles to overcome to provide a high-quality service that doesn’t interrupt the event, particularly for simultaneous interpretation. However, that doesn’t need to be the case anymore.

As Zoe Fraser, Head of Account Management at London Translations, explains, “Technology is swiftly developing to accommodate new event environments, making it the most effective means of interpretation regardless of distance. There has been a rapid demand for remote virtual interpretation in the last few years as it makes use of technology platforms already in place, such as smart phones and video calls.”

Cost Effective Solutions

The world is adapting to a more digitally focused approach to events and business meetings and the cost effectiveness of Remote Video Interpretation is becoming apparent. With no specialist equipment needed to set up, no travel expenses to account for, and no accommodation to be arranged, remote video interpretation provides professional translations for a fraction of the price. This is because the only expense with remote video interpretation is owning a device capable of video calls. This makes the service substantially less expensive while also expanding the pool of interpreters available. With the only restriction being time zones, the best possible interpreters can be found from around the world for any online event.

This is why video platforms, such as Zoom, are adding interpretation features to their services, allowing businesses to take full advantage of remote video interpretation. By providing multiple audio channels to the call, meetings can be interpreted simultaneously into multiple languages without disturbing the proceedings, allowing businesses to seamlessly reach new customers

It is also more effective for the interpreters. By utilising remote video interpretation, the linguists have their own, reliable set up. As Zoe Fraser explains, “Interpreters are getting a more consistent experience as more events move towards remote video interpretation. It removes much of the variables and gives them an environment that they can control and are familiar with.”

Remote Video Interpretation Experts

London Translations has years of experience in providing highly qualified interpreters via video, even before video calls were easily available. Now, with video calls a part of everyday life, London Translations has access to a world-wide network of experienced remote video interpreters, all meeting ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

This expertise in remote video interpretation means London Translations can confidently provide their interpreters at a moment’s notice, even for complicated language combinations, and for any video platform.

To find out more how London Translation can help enhance your events and meetings, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

About London Translations

Since launching in 2003, London Translations have helped over 20,000 businesses boost their international appeal with our official translation and interpretation services. Renowned for our commitment to exceptional customer service, our team of over 9,000 expert linguists consistently produce high-quality content including document translation, for any industry. We work with industry experts to ensure completely accurate, certified translations with the correct terminology, from law to finance to the medical industry.

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