Dubbing Services

Dubbing Services

Effective dubbing services are not just about straightforward translation. At London Translations, our team of skilled linguists are experienced in developing quality dubbed scripts that retain the authenticity of the original content. We also specialise in finding multilingual voice actors that can express your script’s tone of voice as well as convey cultural nuances and humour.

What Are Dubbing Services?

Dubbing is the art of translating the dialogue in filmed content, recording it in another language and replacing the original. We pride ourselves on delivering dubbed scripts of a high quality which retain the intention and content of your original screenplay with the addition of any cultural nuances.

Our first step is to translate your script accurately into the language of your choice, with the expertise of our skilled teams of linguists. This script is then lip-sync dubbed by voice actors that are specifically chosen for the roles.

Retaining the original tone of voice while translating into multiple languages can be the most challenging part of the dubbing process. We recognise that effective dubbing requires a team effort between script translators and voice actors, which is why our dubbing services involve close collaboration between our linguists and specially selected actors. We will also assign a dedicated project manager to streamline and simplify the entire process for you.

At London Translations, we’ve provided dubbing services for all types of media. From full-length feature films to corporate videos, our team has a wealth of experience in delivering quality dubbed content.

Do I Need a Dubbing Service?

Dubbing services are relevant for many different types of video content. This includes feature films for an international audience, corporate videos for a multinational workforce, health and safety videos that need to be understood by a multicultural group, or YouTube videos that need more than just subtitles to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Not sure if lip-sync dubbing is what you’re after? We also have years of experience in subtitling and voice-over translation services, providing these in more than 140 different languages.

These services may be more suitable for different types of video content. For instance, subtitling may be more apt for content that is more informational, while you could save costs on content that doesn’t feature many speakers by opting for our voice-over translation service.

Our Quality

Our blend of expertise, talent and commitment has helped us become one of the most sought-after translation agencies around. Get in touch with our team today and discover more about our services.

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Pricing packages available

You can use our services on an adhoc basis or take advantage of one of our contracted offers to suit your business requirements. Enter into a bespoke contract with London Translations and we will tailor a pricing package that best suits your business requirements:

Pay per minute of dictation for digital audio
Pay per word for copy typing
Pay by the hour for manuscript amendment or reformatting documents
Monthly fee that covers all services
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