Can you provide the best French translation in London?

Hello London Translations, my manager says she needs to get the best possible French translation of a set of advertising brochures which we are using for a product launch in 6 weeks time.

She says it’s important it’s done in London as the product (sorry I can’t say exactly what it is here) is for an international brand which is all about being part of the London fashion scene but the design team in Paris have all the plans and copy in French only.

Can you do this? MUST be done in London and how do I know it’s the best one?

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your question. The simple answer is ‘yes’, we can do this for you; and without wishing to sound like we are bragging, ‘yes’ it will be the best quality translation possible for the reasons below.

French translators in London

Your manager is absolutely right to insist that the materials you have in French are translated into English by a French translator who lives in London.

The reason why it’s important to use translators who are based in the geographical region which you are targeting for your campaign is because only by being immersed in the culture 24/7 will they be fully conversant with the subtleties of the local dialects and nuances which change all the time.

Given that this translation is for a fashion brand, we’d also want to understand more about the target market for the French translation so we can ensure that we adopt the right tone of voice.

The reason for needing to understand more about what you are trying to achieve with the translation is there would be a huge difference in the style and vocabulary we would use for promoting a fashion brand aimed at the youth market compared with, say, haute couture.

As well as making sure your translator is lives in London, we’d make sure that we assign someone who has a thorough understanding of the fashion business to ensure they are are au fait with any specialist terms used.

We consider a minimum of five years’ worth of experience to be the absolute minimum required to be an expert in any field which is why all our translators must demonstrate at least this before working with us.

Finally, your translator will be someone whose mother tongue is French. We only use mother tongue translators as they produce better copy.

High quality French Translations

You asked how you can be sure of getting the best quality French translations and that’s a very good question because the whole issue of translation quality can be a difficult one to understand.

What exactly is meant by the ‘quality’ of the French translation (or any language translation)?

Translation is an art and not a science.

That sounds very nebulous, any maybe even a bit pretentious, but it’s true. No two translators will translate the same text in exactly the same way as there’s always a level of personal interpretation and creativity involved – particularly in sectors such as fashion and the arts.

For these reasons, there is no formal definition of what constitutes a high quality translation but we take it to mean, “A translation which accurately conveys the intended meaning in one language (the source) in another language (target) whilst retaining the original text’s style and appropriateness within the context is it to be used.”

So, in your case we’d make sure that your French translation was as ‘good’ in English as the original one is in French.

The very best French translation

Of course all translation agencies purport to produce high quality French translations but how do you make sure you get the very best quality; the best of the best if  you like.

Without wishing to sound as if I’m making a sales pitch to you, here’s why we believe we are best placed to provide you with what you need.

Unlike some translation companies, we offer different levels of translations. Our Business Critical French Translations were the first in the UK to be awarded the British Standard EN 15038 for Translation Service Quality way back in 2007.  We’ve passed the audit every year since with flying colours.

What makes Business Critical French Translations different from our competitors’ offerings is that up to three independent expert French translators are involved in producing your translation.

The first French translator translates your document and then passes their finished translation to a second French translator who then thoroughly checks it.

If there are any differences of opinion over style or vocabulary they discuss and agree on the best form of words. If no agreement can be arrived at, a third independent French translation expert will be consulted who will have a casting vote as to what makes it into the final translation.

In this way, mistakes are eliminated and you are assured of the best quality final product. Please don’t take our word for it though, you can see what our existing customers think about working with us on our testimonials page.

Finally, if you’d like to discuss your French translation, please email or call 020 7021 0888 at any time.

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