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French translation prices in London?

Hello, I need a French translation done in London for a product launch we’re doing for an FMCG company next week. I might need the French translator to come to our offices in Fenchurch Street. Can you help us with this please? If so, how much will it cost?

Hi Amos,

Yes. We can definitely help you with this as we have plenty of French translators in London.

However before we can give you a price we’d need to know a little bit more about exactly what you are looking for.

You say that you are looking for a French translator and that they might need to come to your office.

I just want to make sure that it is really a translator and not an interpreter that you need?

French Translator or interpreter?

The difference between a translator and a interpreter is that a translator works on documents which are usually sent to them electronically to work on at their premises. By contrast interpreters work with spoken words and normally work on clients’ sites.

Many people use the term French translator when they really mean French interpreter so it’s important that I check.

Of course, if you do need a translator to work with you onsite, that’s absolutely no problem, we can arrange that.

French mother tongue translator?

Also, please could you let me know if you need materials translating from French to English or from English to French?

We always recommend that you use a French translator who is translating into their mother tongue as mother tongue translators produce better quality translations.

So, for the avoidance of doubt, if you need your translator to translate French to English we would provide you with a native English speaker who is an expert French translator.

On the other hand, if you need your translator to translate English into French then we’d supply you with an expert translator whose mother tongue is French.

Translation subject matter expertise

You mention that you’ll be working for an FMCG company by which we assume you mean Fast Moving Consumer Goods?

That’s great, we have plenty of French translators in the London area who have extensive experience in this sector so we’d make sure we provide you with one of these individuals.

It’s vital that your translator (or interpreter) has a background in the area which you are working in. We always supply French translators and interpreters with at least 5 years relevant commercial experience in your sector.

French Translation of brands?

I thought it also worth mentioning that if your client is considering launching a new brand into French speaking markets, they may want to consider running their proposed brand name, colours and messaging through our Valdidata international brand name checking service.

Carrying out a check of how your brand would be perceived in French speaking territories is important as not all names travel well. Using a name which is inappropriate or even offensive is obviously not good for business.

We look forward to discussing your specific requirement so we can provide you with exactly what you need.

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