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How is interpreting charged?

We are looking to book an interpreter for a meeting with some Spanish colleagues from our partner company in Madrid. The meeting will run from 10am until about 11:30 next Wednesday morning. The meeting will be at our head office near Victoria Station in London. Can you tell me how much you charge please?

(Contact details withheld)

Hi Sammy,

Thanks for your question, my colleagues will email you a competitive detailed quote in a few moments but I’ve explained the basis upon which we charge below.

Interpreting charges

For face-to-face interpreters which include whispering interpretersconsecutive interpretersand simultaneous interpreters we charge by the based on a day rate or a half day rate.

A half day is defined as up to 3.5 contiguous hours and a full day is 8 contiguous hours with a 1 hour break.

Interpreters charged by the hour?

Unfortunately we don’t charge for face-to-face interpreting by the hour however we do offer alternatives which are charged hourly – and in some cases even by the minute – see later.

The reason for insisting on a minimum commitment of half a day is our team of interpreters are spread throughout the globe to provide you with the best coverage. We can usually assign someone who lives close to where you need them but even then there will inevitably be some travel time.

As travel time represents a fair chunk out of the interpreter’s day, many of them will not accept jobs less than half a day in duration.

Do you charge for interpreters’ travel time?

Under normal circumstances, we don’t charge for travelling time however if your assignment is taking place in a remote location, or in a city that doesn’t have any qualified interpreters nearby, a half day assignment might be billed as a full day assignment to cover the unpaid journey time.

Tip: The more details and notice you can give us of your requirements, the more chance there is of us being able to supply an interpreter close to your vicinity keeping costs down.

Interpreters charged by the hour or the minute

If your budget doesn’t stretch to half a day of interpreting, why not consider using a video interpreter or telephone interpreter?

Since there is no travel time involved, these services can be charged by the hour or even by the minute enabling you to enjoy the same high level of service at a fraction of the cost.

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