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What is International Brand Disaster Checking?

My colleague has asked me to find a company which can help us with checking our brand is OK for use in China. I noticed you do something called Validata International Brand Disaster Checking, is this something which can help us please?

Hi Shae,

International Brand Disaster Checking is the process of checking that the brand name you already use (or are considering using) in one territory is appropriate for use in another region of the world.

It’s called ‘Disaster’ checking as if you don’t check and get it wrong, it can quite literally be a disaster for your company as it may alienate the very people you are targeting as prospects, or be offensive to the point where your product is not allowed to be put on sale.

If you have already spent a lot of money on marketing materials, TV adverts and other campaigns before you find out, you could waste huge sums of money.

International Brand Disaster Checking is not just about the words in the brand name itself, it extends to the words and tone of voice used in the marketing copy and even the colour schemes used – believe it or not, a brand’s image can be completely ruined by picking the wrong colour scheme for the product labels!

We provide a range of cost-effective services we call Validata International Brand Checkingto ensure you are covered.

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