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How much do you charge per word for translation?

I am thinking of having a document translated from French to English but I’m not sure how much it will cost me per word can you help? And can you also explain how you calculate your translation rates?

Our rates are usually calculated on a per word basis, with a discount applied on all repeated words.

Discounted translation rates

The best way to get an accurate ideas of costs is to use our free online instant translation quote facility.

How translation prices are calculated

There are other factors which affect the cost of translation assignments in general, these include:

Language pairs translated

Translation companies classify languages into different prices bands, most use six bands with the cheapest language pairs such as FrenchSpanishGerman and Italian in band 1 with more esoteric and expensive languages such as Arabic and Japanese in band 6.

Quality of translation

Some translation companies, including London Translations, offer different levels of translation which are appropriate for different uses.

At the high-end we provide Business Critical Translations which are the best possible quality translation available in the marketplace today. In fact they are such high quality that they were the first in the UK to be awarded the British Standard for translation service quality.

For everyday business applications, most people choose our mid-price Standard Business Translations which are great translations at a fair price.

Cost of translations

Price is always a major consideration when comparing translation rates, that’s why our Budget Translations are perfect where cost is the main concern.

Budget translations are a low cost solution designed to provide a cheap way of getting internal documents translated so you can get the gist of what has been written.

Many companies use them as an alternative to machine translation which, although free, are notoriously unreliable and can produce terrible results.

Translation complexity

Some very complicated documents such as legal contracts and highly technical reports may attract a premium but this is very rare and we’ll always discuss the reasons with you before agreeing on a price.

The reason why the prices for some unusually complex documents differ is because we only translators who not only know their language pairs inside-out but also have deep subject matter expertise and years of experience.

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