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Do you provide interpreters by the hour?

Hi, I need a French to English interpreter for an hour in Leeds. Can you help, it’s urgent.

Hi Meghan,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately we don’t provide face-to-face interpreters by the hour due to the travelling time involved.

We’ve written a full article on how interpreters are charged if you’d like more details but perhaps I could offer an alternative? Given your requirement is urgent, would a telephone interpreter be appropriate for your needs?

Telephone interpreters vs. consecutive interpreting

The great thing about telephone interpreters is that they are available in seconds and since there is no travel time, they can work out much cheaper. They are charged by the minute not by the hour.

Many of our customers use telephone interpreters in place of face-to-face consecutive interpreters by dialling into our telephone interpreting service from a conference room speaker phone (sometimes called a ‘star phone’).

It’s the next best thing to having an interpreter present in the room.

You speak and the telephone interpreter at the end of the line repeats back what you have just said to the other person in their language. When they reply, the telephone interpreter repeats back their answer to you in English.

If you’d like to discuss or arrange a free demo without obligation, just give us a call on 020 7021 0888 or email CustomerDelight@LondonTranslations.co.uk

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