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What does source document mean when translating?

Hi there. I’ve got to get a quote for translating some documents into Spanish and I keep being asked how many words are in the source document. I have no idea what they are talking about.

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for your question, as requested I have clarified below. If you need any more help please contact our Customer Delight Team who will be pleased to help.

Translation source documents

The term ‘source’ document refers to the original document which you would like translating.

So, if you had an English letter which you’d like translating into Spanish then the English letter would be your source document. The best way to remember this is that the source document is the one you already have in your possession.

Another term you’ll hear is target document and it’s important to understand the difference between what is your source document and what is your target document as it can have a huge impact on how much your translation costs.

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