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What does an official translation mean?

Hello, I’ve been told I’ve got to get some official translations done but I’m not sure what an official translation means. Can you do them?

Hi Martha,

Thank you for such a great question, it’s one we get asked often so I’m pleased to be able to answer it.

Unfortunately, there is no single internationally recognised definition of what constitutes an ‘official’ translation.

This can be a complex area but there are generally two categories of translation required for official purposes.

  • Certified Translations
  • Legalised Translations

Industry definitions are extremely vague but, in summary, a certified translation is one which has been produced by a professional translator which may (or may not) have also been witnessed by a solicitor.

A legalised translation is a certified translation which has been through additional processes which vary depending upon where in the world it is destined to be used.

We can provide both types of translation but we cannot advise on which type is required for every individual circumstance.

Certified and Legalised Translation Guides

We realise how confusing this can be so we’ve produced separate guides with more information on Certified Translations and Legalised Translations.

Please check with the recipient which type is required for your particular purpose and contact us on 020 7021 0888 if you require further information.

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