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When should I choose Budget Business Translations?

Hi, we’ve got a lot of documents which are in Russian from competitors and we’d like to get an idea of what they say but need to keep costs down really low. What can I do?

Hi Joanne,

Sounds like our Budget Business Translations would be perfect for you as they are intended for internal use and where accuracy is not critical. They are much cheaper than our other offerings.

Many of our clients use them for:

  • Internal company emails and informal intra-company communications
  • Company knowledge bases and help desk systems which only employees see
  • Getting a rough translation of large documents to identify important sections for translation at a higher level – for instance there’s no point in having an entire tender translated to a high level if you then decide you don’t want to respond.

Even though Budget Business Translations are great value, they are still  produced by fully qualified translators, it’s just that the translator may not be as experienced as those which work on our higher level projects. Also, they are not proof-read which means you should never use them for publication.

See our translation level comparison table for more information.

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