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Why are English to French translation prices different to French to English prices?

Hi there, I’ve been checking French to English translation prices and comparing them with English to French translation prices and it seems that they are almost always different. Why are they not the same price please?

Hi Molly,

Thanks for your question. We get asked about price differences in French translation prices almost daily so I’ve prepared an answer for you below.

Incidentally, it’s not just French translation prices which differ depending on whether you are translating from the language or into the language. The same is true of almost all languages and here’s why.

French Translation Prices

To understand the difference in prices it’s first important to understand how companies such as ourselves produce your translations.

Contrary to popular belief, most translation companies do not have a full staff of in-house translators.

Instead we work with carefully selected industry experts who we employ on a project by project basis.

Given that we cover over 170 languages and a wide selection of disciplines, it would it would simply not be economically viable to have offices packed with full-time staff when they are only required from time to time.

We also usemother tongue translators – by that we mean people translating into their native language.

French to English Translation prices

Therefore, if you wanted a document translated from French into English we would place the work with a native English speaker who is also an expert French translator.

As we are based in the UK it’s easier, and therefore cheaper to find excellent quality native English speaking French translators close to home as there are more to choose from.

English to French Translation prices

Conversely, if you needed your document translated from English into French then we would place this with a native French speaker.

There are clearly far fewer native French speakers in the UK than there are native English speakers so our choices are more limited which tends to put costs up – simple supply and demand.

Depending on the nature of your work, it may be more appropriate to place the project with someone who resides in France.

Employing people overseas is often more complicated and expensive than one may realise hence English to French translations tend to be slightly more expensive than the other way around.

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