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Not all names travel well – don’t choose a bad one

What do we mean by a ‘bad’ name?

We consider a name to be bad if by using it the product, brand name or corporate title is denigrated, thus causing an adverse impact on sales.

Here’s a couple of examples:

* In Japan there is a brand of soda called “Calpis Nude”; perhaps not an ideal name to use should they decide to launch into the UK market.

* Schweppes’ slogan “Schweppes Tonic Water” read as “Schweppes Toilet Water” when originally translated into Italian.

Before you settle on a name and spend any money on collateral or advertising, why not ask about our Validata linguistic checking service to ensure your chosen name is not bad in the context of your target market.

It costs just a few pounds to get it right – much less than it could cost to get it wrong.

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