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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Our consecutive interpretation services are the perfect way to aid communication during roundtables and smaller meetings.

How does consecutive interpreting work?

London Translations’ consecutive interpreting service is available both in-person and via phone or video feed, perfect for translating conversations between small groups.

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, which involves an interpreter translating while a speaker talks, consecutive interpreters speak during the pauses between sentences. Consecutive interpreters might use a pen and paper to take notes in order to give the most accurate possible translation, but other than that no specialist technology is required.

Because of the stop-start nature of consecutive interpretation, it can be slower than simultaneous interpreting. However, the format is by far the most appropriate form of translation for small groups, meetings and interviews, as it allows conversations to flow fairly naturally without the need for speakers to talk over each other.

To successfully carry out consecutive interpretation, an interpreter needs to be fluent in the native languages of every speaker present. This will allow them to translate any questions each party may have for each other, and accurately represent all sides of a conversation.


Do I need consecutive interpreting?

If you are arranging a small meeting with one or more participants who speak foreign languages, consecutive interpreting is the perfect way to ensure everyone there will be understood.

The method is also appropriate for smaller-scale events. Anyone giving a speech will need to take frequent pauses in order to allow interpreters to translate, but the fact that consecutive interpreters don’t need to use expensive equipment means they are very budget-friendly.

London Translations’ consecutive interpreting services will be tailored to suit your needs. To help speed things up, we recommend that you brief your interpreter ahead of time on any relevant background information before they begin working, in order to make sure they are well-informed about what they may be required to translate.

Our Quality

At London Translations, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the most dependable consecutive interpretation services available. With a team of hundreds working around the world in over 140 languages, we can help your business be understood, wherever you are.


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