Court Interpreting

Court Interpreting

What is Court Interpretation?

When multiple languages are spoken in court, any misinterpretation could prevent justice from being served. Our court interpretation service is essential for any cases involving participants who are not confident in speaking the particular language being used during legal proceedings.

We provide skilled court interpreters who enable witnesses, defendants and other individuals involved in legal proceedings to engage with the court process, no matter what language they speak.

Also referred to as judicial or legal interpreting, court interpretation helps individuals provide evidence and adhere to the legal process at all times. This could apply to courtroom proceedings, tribunals or legal conferences. Thanks to this service, participants are able to give accurate testimonies, allowing for a fairer trial.

Court interpreters will use either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. The former is carried out while the speaker is still talking and the latter involves waiting for the speaker to finish before interpretation begins.

The complex nature of court interpretation means that linguists must be fluent in the language of the speaker and also possess extensive knowledge of specialist legal terminology. This means a clear understanding of the lexis used in litigation, court proceedings, criminal investigations and depositions.

We only work with fully qualified court interpreters who have been verified by enhanced disclosure checks. At London Translations, we also guarantee professionalism, complete confidentiality and total dedication to each of our clients.

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Do I Need Court Interpretation?

The legal process is dependent on total accuracy in order to guarantee that a plaintiff is given a fair trial. As such, court interpreters are vital if any witnesses, defendants or other participants are not fluent in the given language. The fate of the client and the reputation of the solicitor relies on accurate interpretation

Without court interpretation, it is unlikely that any evidence from a non-native speaker will be entirely reliable or credibly support the case. Inaccurate interpretation could determine the outcome of any case, whether that’s a criminal investigation or an employment tribunal.

Here at London Translations, we provide court interpreters in over 140 languages. Each is verified and demonstrates extensive experience in legal terminology and court interpretation. Our interpreters can support individuals at any crown court or procurator fiscal in England, Scotland, and Wales.

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