Video Interpreting

Video Interpreting

With our state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly-skilled linguists, we can provide instant video interpretation services to clients across all industries.

What Is Video Interpreting?

Video interpreting, sometimes known as video remote interpreting, is the act of translating a conversation between two or more speakers, and in two or more languages, over a live video feed rather than in person.

While interpreters traditionally translate conversations and meetings by physically attending them, video interpreting allows for instant translation to take place over any internet-enabled devices. This has many benefits. Since interpreters no longer need to travel to your location, you can save time and money on transport arrangements.

Video interpreting also offers increased convenience. You’ll benefit from the personal touch of face-to-face interpretation without having to make any prior arrangements. London Translations interpreters are available for video interpretation on demand, all day, every day.

Here at London Translations, we use a service called LingoConnect to provide instant access to accredited interpreters all over the UK. Whenever you need face-to-face interpretation, a qualified professional will be on hand to assist. LingoConnect is simple to use. First, we’ll provide you with a touchscreen video interpretation device. All you have to do is plug it in and switch it on. You’ll be connected to our operator immediately, and once you tell them what you need, they’ll connect you to an interpreter within 10 seconds. With native-speaking interpreters working in over 140 languages, we’re sure to find the professional you need almost instantaneously.

Do I Need Video Interpreting?

If you need near-instant access to a qualified interpreter at a moment’s notice, video remote interpreting is definitely for you. The service is particularly popular in the healthcare sector, where hospitals often need remote interpreters to help staff communicate with patients who only speak foreign languages. In life-or-death situations like these, making arrangements for interpreters to travel to the hospital may prove too slow. Video interpretation from London Translations will always be available in an instant.

Outside of the healthcare sector, video interpreting is popular with businesses which are not based in easy-to-access areas. While in-person interpretation requires travel arrangements which could add to your costs and minimize the amount of time your interpreter has with you, video interpreting is available in the most remote rural locations for greatly improved efficiency.

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You can use our services on an adhoc basis or take advantage of one of our contracted offers to suit your business requirements. Enter into a bespoke contract with London Translations and we will tailor a pricing package that best suits your business requirements:

Pay per minute of dictation for digital audio
Pay per word for copy typing
Pay by the hour for manuscript amendment or reformatting documents
Monthly fee that covers all services
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