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Interpretation Services

Interpreters for all sectors, to suit every budget.

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Interpreters for all sectors, to suit every budget
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Find the right interpreting service to suit you

London Translations offers several types of interpreting services, both on location and long distance. Our interpreting services are tailored to your specific requirements, and we advise you on which type of interpreter will suit you best.

Though similar in some ways, interpreting and translation are not at all the same service. Interpreting is an incredibly complex profession. Taking the spoken word and rendering it in another language instantaneously is a taxing affair, putting enormous pressure on interpreters to match a speaker’s tonal and emotional register, without resorting to dictionaries and glossaries.

Event organisers of all kinds have long struggled over the question of how best to make conversations work across languages. Is it best to give an interpreter the chance to repeat each statement as they go, or should they be asked to interpret simultaneously as the respective parties speak? The answer, of course, is that different approaches suit different problems. The interpreting needs of the European Parliament are a long way removed from those of an automotive industry conference.

At London Translations, we provide interpretation services from linguistic experts with the specific background knowledge in your sector, guaranteeing a perfect interpretation every time.

Qualified, experienced interpreters to suit all meeting requirements and languages

Interpretation Services

We can guarantee qualified, experienced interpreters to suit all meeting requirements and languages. From simultaneous to consecutive interpreting, via telephone or in person, we can tailor our interpreting services to suit your needs.

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation is most commonly done through simultaneous interpreting. It almost always involves the use of technical aids, with the interpreters – who typically work in pairs – entering a soundproof booth from which they can listen to the action while it unfolds before broadcasting the interpreted version via microphone to delegates’ headsets.

Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker and interpreter quite literally take turns to talk, with the former stopping every few minutes in order to allow the latter to render the preceding statement into the target language. This might not sound like it’s a million miles from real-time interpreting, but it actually puts significant pressure on the intermediary. Few people can memorise a full paragraph after hearing it just once, so a consecutive interpreter needs the ability to multitask.

Court Interpreting

Court interpreters conduct their work during legal proceedings, most frequently in court, but also during tribunals. Much like a stenographer, there is considerable pressure on a legal interpreter to work not only accurately but quickly as well. In many cases, they also have to work with people who may not be accustomed to talking to large groups, whether that is the defendant or any witnesses, so sensitivity and discretion is key.

Interpreting for Police

Police interpreting is critical in high pressure situations, whether that involves arrest or taking formal statements. Whatever the circumstances, a police interpreter not only needs to have a full knowledge of language, but up-to-the-minute legal and police terminology, as well as an unbiased attitude and guaranteed confidentiality.

NHS Interpreting Service

NHS interpreters can offer assistance in any medical situation, from hospital stays to GP appointments and home visits. With a deep understanding of the healthcare sector as well as keen linguistic skill, our specialist NHS interpreting services can give our customers and clients an unparalleled service, no matter what their needs are.

Phone Interpretation

Ideal for meetings or groups, with teleconferencing an option, our telephone interpreters cover over 140 languages, and are available within seconds. What’s more, you already have all of the necessary equipment—just a landline or mobile. We offer an advanced billing system which charges by the minute, making sure that you only pay for what you use.

Video Interpretation

Our unique service allows you to stream live video interpretation in a maximum of six simultaneous languages. Our expert camera crew will arrive onsite with everything needed to video stream your event to the world live, with a recording available for anyone unable to attend. This service is available to hire per day, and the comprehensive quote covers everything involved, with no nasty surprises.

Interpretations Prices

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Each interpretation project is specific, and our quotes are based on a number of factors. We charge for interpreters on a daily or half-daily rate, with a day being eight hours (with a one hour break), and a half day being three and a half hours (no breaks).

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a quote.

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London Translation is always looking for talented translators and interpreters to join us on a freelance basis. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch today.

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