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English TV French Translation Issues – Video

Translation Error or a Simple Mispronunciation? 

English Television French Translation Error – How can French names be mispronounced on English speaking Television? Is it a simple French translation error or an innocent mispronunciation?

Reports have recently been made on an ensuing Canadian debate regarding the pronunciation of French names on English language television channels during the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics. In this video, we take a closer look into this discussion.

Canadian TV presenter Brian Lilley condemned English-language television network CBC for the way they pronounced the names of Canadian medal winners Justine and Chloé Dufour-Lapointe.

Reportedly, the TV presenter believed that the competitors’ names should be Anglicised on English-language TV but was happy for the native French pronunciation to be used on French-language TV. Some people found this slightly offensive and challenged the TV presenter to make his apologies. The comments caused outrage across the nation and the TV host did eventually issue an apology.

A spokesperson for London Translations recently said…

“Cross language pronunciation of words — particularly names — is often a source of contention. When speaking to overseas prospects or clients our advice is to be brave and attempt to pronounce names as they would be pronounced in their mother tongue simply because it proves you are trying and everyone loves to hear their name spoken. If you get it wrong don’t worry, apologise, be humble and ask for guidance. It’s a great way of building rapport and remember, they may be struggling to pronounce your name too.”

mispronunciation or translation error?

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Original News Source: https://www.pri.org/stories/2014-02-14/canadians-are-so-patriotic-over-olympics-they-dont-want-argue-about-language-any


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