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Interpreting Type Comparison
Interpreting Type Comparison

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Interpreting Services

Interpreters for all sectors, to suit every budget
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Find the right interpreting service to suit you

London Translations offers several types of interpreting services, both on location and long distance. We offer interpreting services tailored to your specific requirements and will advise you on choosing which interpreter will suit you best, as well as send you an affordable quote with no extra fees. We can then provide you with a qualified interpreter who is an expert in your subject matter and will be able to deliver an exceptional service.

What type of interpretation do I need?

There are two primary types of interpretation—on-site and virtual—which are then split into three distinct subcategories. On-site interpreters are physically present at your meeting or conference, and are most suitable for complex or sensitive discussions, or meetings involving a large number of people. Indeed, for multiple participants, it would be advisable to hire more than one interpreter to cater for all of your attendees’ linguistic needs.

Virtual interpreters are particularly useful for last minute meetings, and can be extremely beneficial for shorter conferences which come up at the eleventh hour. Whether for audio-only or video interpretation, we provide all equipment and are available around the clock. For more information about the types of interpretation we offer, read on or contact us to discuss which service is right for you in more detail.

Qualified, experienced interpreters to suit all meeting requirements and languages

Choose from our types of on-site interpreting

  • Experienced multilingual interpreters
  • Specialist industry knowledge
  • No compromise on quality

Whispering interpretation – walking, talking and understanding

Whispering interpretation, sometimes known as “chuchotage”, is ideal for individuals and small groups. The interpretations are whispered to delegates, and therefore require no special equipment, and can be made available at low cost. All of our interpreters are fully qualified language experts, and are also specialists in their sector, meaning that they will be fluent in the nuances of your industry. Our whispering interpreters can be hired by the day or half-day, and we guarantee no hidden charges beyond your agreed quote.

Consecutive interpretation – our most popular interpretation service

Consecutive interpreters are most suitable for business meetings, presentations and smaller groups. They will begin interpreting once a speaker has finished talking, and as with whispering interpretation, no specialist equipment is needed. Our consecutive interpreters have at least five years’ experience as interpreters, as well as a deep knowledge of the industry.

Simultaneous interpreting – real-time language support

The only form of on-site interpretation which requires equipment (which we provide), simultaneous interpreting is a real-time interpretation technique which is conducted from a soundproof booth. Direct feeds from a mixing desk are sent to the booth, where your simultaneous interpreter will be listening to the conversations taking place and relaying them back to delegates in their language. This is why we ensure that our team of simultaneous interpreters is comprised of only expert linguists with industry-specific knowledge.

Learn more about our types of virtual interpreting

Online chat – international instant messaging for businesses

Thanks to IM technology, people are able to connect all over the globe. Our professional interpreters can help facilitate and interpret these conversations, using equipment provided by London Translations. Our human interpreters can be hired by the hour, and are often cheaper than most other types of interpreting, as there are no travel costs or expenses to factor into the price.

Telephone interpretation – around the clock language support

Ideal for meetings or groups, with teleconferencing an option, our telephone interpreters cover over 170 languages, and are available within seconds. What’s more, you already have all of the necessary equipment—just a landline or mobile. We offer an advanced billing system which charges by the minute, making sure that you only pay for what you use.

Video interpreting – live streaming in up to six languages

Our unique service allows you to stream live video interpretation in a maximum of six simultaneous languages. Our expert camera crew will arrive onsite with everything needed to videostream your event to the world live, with a recording available for anyone unable to attend. This service is available to hire per day, and the comprehensive quote covers everything involved, with no nasty surprises.

How is our interpreting priced?

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Each interpretation project is specific, and our quotes are based on a number of factors. We charge for interpreters on a daily or half-daily rate, with a day being eight hours (with a one hour break), and a half day being three and a half hours (no breaks).

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a quote.

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Join our freelance team

London Translation is always looking for talented translators and interpreters to join us on a freelance basis. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch today.

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