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French Translation Not Needed For Major Brands – Video

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Big retail chains do not have to change their names into French

According to a report on the Yahoo News website, The Quebec Superior Court has ruled recently that big retail chains do not have to change their names into French. We take a look at the report in today’s video.

Reports have revealed that big retail chains who use their trademark names in a language other than French in Quebec are not violating the Charter of the French Language. This ruling allows them to keep using their names in a language other than French; in other words no French Translation is required.french translation

According to the report, eight companies took the province’s language watchdog to court in 2012 arguing that they should not have to change the name by which they are known internationally.

We asked a spokesperson for London Translations for his thoughts on this topic…

“We support this decision as one of the major functions of brand names is to be universally recognised irrespective of the territory in which they are being used. Brand names transcend words and often have no direct translation. There are very real dangers in trying to translate these kinds of concepts and expert advice should be sought should you wish to localise your brand. We have produced a free whitepaper on this subject for interested parties, simply search our website for the term Validata”.

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