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Lack of Irish Language Support – Video

The supposed deficiency in services in the Irish language has been the cause of vehement protests, according to recent articles. We review these claims in this video. New reports claim that thousands of people have been involved in the protests, with the aim of compelling the government to make improvements to the ‘currently inadequate’ provision of Irish language services.

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Lack of Service – Irish

According to these reports, those involved in the protests are angered by the view that Irish language speakers do not have access to the same breadth of services as English language speakers. The protesters see themselves as being viewed as second class citizens because of this inequality between the English language and Irish language speakers.

A representative of London Translation has recently been quoted as saying:

“As the report proves, language and self-identify are intrinsically linked and act as a powerful cohesive force. Whilst English is the most widely used language in business, the benefits of speaking to prospects in their own language should not be underestimated. It’s just as much about affinity as it is about words. You are sending out the message that you care enough to go the extra mile to bond with them and that might well be the difference between getting the deal and losing it to a local competitor.”

Source:  https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/thousands-protest-at-lack-of-irish-language-services-30013860.html

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