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Life-saving Guide To The World Cup


“O futebol é um jogo simples. Vinte e dois homens perseguem uma bola por 90 minutos e, no final, os alemães sempre ganhar.”
Gary “Pele” Lineker

World Cup 2014 player
World Cup 2014

Travelling through a nation of football-mad fans can be perilous at the best of times. Yes, we as Brits excel when it comes to espousing our views on the beautiful game; so much so, that we have hand-crafted, tinkered, played with formations and even dabbled in the complex lexicon of football management.

So, these are a few things that we think you need to take you to another level when watching from your armchair or travelling to the land of the samba, the Amazon and ‘o jogo bonito’. Enjoy.

1. Goal line technology, we could have done with that in the last world cup… and the one in ‘66!

Tecnologia na linha de gol… isso poderia ter ajudado na última Copa do Mundo… e também na de 1966!

2. My Grandma could have scored that, I bet yours could have too.

Minha avó poderia ter marcado esse gol, e aposto que a sua também.

3. The important thing is, score more than the other team.

O importante é fazer mais gols que a outra equipe.

4. It’s a game of two halves. There’s also a ball involved.

É um jogo com dois tempos. Também tem uma bola.

5. Me, an England fan? No, I’m just here to try out the taste of Brazil, see the sights, you know all the usual things an England fan does each World Cup.

Eu, um torcedor da Inglaterra? Não, estou aqui só para experimentar os sabores do Brasil, conhecer os pontos turísticas, essas coisas que um torcedor inglês geralmente faz na Copa do Mundo.

6. I booked three weeks off, can I have a refund from your hostel?

Tirei três semanas de folga… Será que o seu hostel pode me reembolsar?

7. He’s just gone and done a “Zidane”.

Ele foi lá e fez um “Zidane”.

8. The football minnows of Darlington FC can do better than this lot.

Os jogadores de futebol do Darlington F.C. são melhores que isso.

9. If you thought the Vuvuzelas were bad, you should have stayed in our hotel last night!

As vuvuzelas incomodavam? Você deveria ter se hospedado em nosso hostel na noite passada!

10. I’m no expert but…

Não sou especialista, mas…

11. Sepp Blatter is the greatest man in the game. Fair, transparent, knowledgeable. Precisely the type of person you want running a major football event.

Sepp Blatter é o cara no esporte. Justo, transparente, um grande conhecedor. Precisamente o tipo de pessoa que você quer ver dirigindo um grande evento de futebol.

12. They think it’s all over, it is now!

Eles acham que está tudo acabado. E agora está!

Football is a global industry where being as prepared as Jose Mourinho comes in handy. Translations are a complex business; unfortunately many dive in with no training and focus on the literal rather than the sense and the spirit of the language.

Understanding the cultural context and correctly using complex, specialist vocabulary are vital skills needed to help you reach your goals. In business, as in football, winning is all about having the right team. We’re on your side.

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