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Multi-lingual Concerns of International Companies – Video


How do large international companies cope with a multi-lingual workforce?

An article released on the Real Business website has offered suggestions to readers on fostering communication in a multi-lingual setting. We take a look at the practices suggested in today’s video.

The article states that language becomes a consideration when businesses operate across cultural and linguistic borders. Language can become a complex internal issue in global companies, and suggestions are made that guidelines should be used to foster good teamwork in multi-lingual settings.

The article calls for organisations to define their corporate language, as well as to set guidelines around when that corporate language is used and when other languages are acceptable. An example offered is that organisations may suggest thatmulti-lingual-concerns the corporate language must be used exclusively during business hours.

A spokesperson for London Translations said recently…

“Decisions surrounding the use of a particular language in large, international companies are always fraught with difficulties. Each case is different but we have seen the most success where consensus rather than conflict is encouraged. It is worth noting that some countries such as France and parts of Canada have specific local laws governing language usage to which people must comply to avoid legal infringements. We strongly suggest consulting experts before attempting to enforce policy decisions”.

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Source: https://realbusiness.co.uk/article/26387-fostering-teamwork-in-a-multilingual-setting

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