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London Translations Helps NetLeaders London Global Summit Break Language Barrier

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At the end of April, the London Translations team oversaw interpretation at NetLeaders’ London Global Summit 2018. The huge, three-day event took place across the O2 Arena and Battersea Evolution, and brought together thousands of cryptocurrency experts and blockchain professionals from around the world.

The main focus of the event this year was the public exchange launch of DasCoin—a cryptocurrency that prides itself on being the first to run on Apple Pay, MasterCard and Visa technology. Each day of the event had a different theme: Thursday 26th April saw the Blockchain 24/7 seminar at the O2. DasCoin: The Evolution of Money followed on Friday 27th, with a NetLeaders Training session closing the conference on Saturday 28th.

With attendees speaking ten different languages and 12 to 13 talks taking place per day, smooth and accurate interpretation was crucial to the event’s success. Our team provided interpretation for nine language pairs: Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, Slovak, Russian, French, Korean, and Italian, each paired with English. The job required 18 highly-skilled interpreters to be on hand throughout the event, ready to make sure each and every participant could fully understand everything that was said.

First to arrive each day was the onsite project manager, Consty , who arrived two hours before the event began to brief the team of linguists with the client. The client would show her around the venue, introducing her to the translation booths and the main facilities (bathroom, coffee room, etc), before handing over to the technicians. Consty and the technicians would then agree which languages would be transmitted from each booth. Once arranged, the team would send the list of languages to the client to print and hand out, helping participants find the right channel to hear their native language.

When the interpreters themselves arrived each day, Consty showed them to their booths, installed their laptops and made sure everything was running smoothly. Then she sent them a message to make sure they knew where to be and when to be there. As is the nature of such a large-scale event, NetLeaders were making tweaks to the agenda right up until the very start, so it was important to review the agenda with the interpreters at the beginning of each day.

Once everything was in place, Consty and a technician both stood by the booths in order to be on hand to resolve any last-minute issues. Their problem-solving skills were needed on the last day of the conference, when the client asked the team to transmit Hungarian instead of Slovak a mere one minute before the event began. The two of them managed to change the booth’s channel and set everything up for a Hungarian interpreter just in time.

As for the interpreters themselves, they had to prepare for the event with minimal access to presentations ahead of time. Though some slides and scripts were provided a few hours before the talks took place, the linguists did not have time to study them in-depth as they would normally. Instead, they researched their own material about DasCoin, in order to ensure they gave listeners a fully-informed interpretation of what was being said, right down to the specialist vocabulary and industry terminology.

Another key concern for the linguists was the speed of some speakers. Since many of the presentations had a lot to cover in a short period of time, the interpreters had to work rapidly to capture everything that was said. Overall, every one of the linguists was very happy with the event, agreeing that the conference’s topic was stimulating, and that the support of a project manager was a great advantage.

Interpreting at the NetLeaders London Global Summit was a large job, but was one the London Translations team tackled head-on, with exemplary professionalism and expertise. On the last day of the event, the client thanked the team directly, saying “You’ve been amazing.”

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