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Translation News: Is English the Native Language of the USA? – Video

Is English really the spoken language of North America?

A recent report suggests that the US government is introducing legislation to ensure that English becomes the de facto language of North America. We take a look at the impact this proposal could have on immigrants to the USA.

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English, official Language of North America?

In an effort to encourage a broader English speaking population, the US government is proposing an act that would, “preserve and enhance the role of English as the official language of the Federal Government”, even though the country has significant ethnic groups from South America and South East Asia whose mother tongue is not English.

The overall aim of this proposal is to both aid assimilation amongst legal immigrants and to develop a sense of commonality amongst the population. It is likely that this act will also result in the introduction of an English test for anyone applying for US citizenship.

A spokesperson for London Translations recently said,

“We believe that language is a deeper part of peoples’ cultural identity than is often recognised and do not support this proposal — indeed we feel it would be damaging. One of the contributing factors to the UK’s dynamism and success is our openness and diversity which embraces languages and cultures from all over the world, the same applies to the USA.”

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Source: https://www.businesslanguageservices.co.uk/general/is-english-the-true-language-of-the-usa/

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