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Translation Tips Guardian Website

Translation Advice From The Guardian Website

An article published recently on The Guardian website has offered tips on how to learn a new language. A popular way of memorising a new language is to remember basic words and then build that into 10 to 15minutes of practicing per day. It wont as daunting if you are doing a small amount of learning at a time, and will soon before you know it have a catalogue of new phrases. It is important to remember that some business owners don’t have time to learn languages in certain situations, and that is when translation services can really help with clarity.

Translation and translation services
Translation and translation services

More good advice to help the language enthusiasts would be to find someone in the world where you can practice the language with in conversation. This could be a friend or a pen pal. Other suggestions include watching films and television in the language you are trying to learn as well as using the internet/web as a resource.

We asked a spokesperson for London Translations, for his advice on learning a new language…

The bad news is, if you want to become truly fluent in a language at a business level… There’s no better substitute for spending time in the country and immersing yourself in the culture. Many people believe this to be the best way of learning.
The GOOD news is that when it comes to starting to learn a language, a little goes a long way. Even learning a small number of pleasantries and common phrases will show prospects you are making an effort. This is a great way of building rapport with clients and other businesses. For more important and serious business negotiations we’d always suggest contacting a professional translator but in the meantime, have a go and above all, have some FUN.

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