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Welsh Language Translation Declining – Video

Translation Services – Why is the Welsh language not used as much anymore?

Translation Services – Welsh Language on decline but what can be done to save it? It has recently been reported that Welsh language campaigners have protested against a lack of government response to the decline in the number of individuals who speak Welsh. We take a look at the reports in today’s video.

It has been suggested that six campaigners have chained themselves to the Welsh government office gates. Reportedly, the campaigners conducted the protest in an attempt to put pressure on the Labour administration in Wales, urging them to act to protect the Welsh language.

translation services
translation services

Reports suggest that the campaigners have called for the Welsh government to adopt policy changes including the availability of Welsh education materials as well as funding for the language.

It could be considered a really important battle for campaigners, as a language is part of a history and they have the right to try and preserve it for future generations.

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