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Patent Filing

Patent Filing

Intellectual Property Protection

Patent Filing Services from London Translations

Here at London Translations, we pride ourselves on the exceptional standard of our patent filing service, which helps businesses and inventors from across all sectors and industries. Whatever type of intellectual property you need protecting, our team can assist you with every stage of filing a patent.

Whether you’re looking to secure a patent domestically or internationally, London Translations will simplify the process and support you throughout. We can take care of the administration side of the application, significantly cutting your admin costs and allowing you to direct your focus elsewhere. What’s more, we can call upon an extensive network of highly regarded firms to find what’s best for you and your technology.

Wherever in the world you require patent protection, we’ll make sure your invention gets the cover it needs. We can assist you applying for patent protection in just one country or multiple countries at once. This can be done through the European Patent Office or via the Paris Cooperation Treaty, which has 148 participating European and non-European nations.

Do I Need Patent Filing Services?

Patent filing services are beneficial for any company or individual needing to protect an invention, which could be something physical, or a certain process. If it is vital to your business model and is deemed to be an original idea, it’ll likely be eligible for patent protection.

This is a complicated and drawn out process, even more so if it is an international application, as you’ll typically be required to send an application to an overarching organisation before you can even apply. In order to file a patent you’ll need a written description of your invention outlining its uniqueness and the aspects that need protection. You’ll also need to file applications and pay application fees at various different points of the process, with multiple deadlines throughout.

London Translations can support and guide you through the whole process, enabling you to divert your time and resources elsewhere. Although a patent application can take years, in which time your business may have evolved significantly, we will keep in close contact throughout in order to ensure the final outcome meets your requirements.

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We are committed to providing a consistent level of quality in all our customer engagements. Our staff members follow well-established business processes so we can communicate clearlydeliver on time and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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