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Multilingual SEO Research

Multilingual SEO Research

London Translations provides multilingual SEO research services to brands in any industry, helping you increase your online visibility on any search engine and in any country.

What are Multilingual SEO Services?

Improving your website’s rankings on search engine results pages and increasing your brand’s online visibility is one of the principal ways of attracting new customers. Consequently, the need for SEO (search engine optimisation) services is growing amongst brands.

Yet, the main keywords that users search for vary from country to country, so while your strategy in your home language may be effective, multilingual SEO research is imperative for any businesses looking to expand outside of their domestic market. The cornerstone of all multilingual SEO campaigns is keyword research, so as part of our services, our SEO experts will undertake extensive keyword research in order to find the most popular and relevant keywords for your website in your target language. This is a much more effective strategy than simply translating the keywords you use in your native country, as this would fail to take into account the different nuances of your target language, such as dialects and colloquialisms, which would render the keywords ineffective.

We can also tailor your campaign to the search engines used in the territories you’re targeting, such as Baidu in China or Yandex in Russia. Get in contact today to learn more about services and how exactly we can help you.

Do I need Multilingual SEO Services?

As is the case in your home territory, individuals using foreign search engines are unlikely to look past page one of the search results. Therefore, if you have only just built an international version of your website, you’re unlikely to experience upturns in your global traffic without first undertaking a multilingual SEO campaign. By ensuring your website is visible to searchers in different languages, you can make the most of your company’s growth into overseas territories.

As with our transcreation services, multilingual SEO research is not about literal translation from one language to another. It is instead about analysing the most crucial components of your brand and its services or products and determining how the corresponding pages on your website would most easily be found by international searchers.

Simply using an online translation tool will not suffice, as the linguistic nuances are more likely to be lost than if the task was undertaken by a human translator. Furthermore, unlike an online translation, our team will also ensure that search engines will be able to crawl and understand your website fully. London Translations can work closely with your in-house or external SEO team to ensure that your website is visible to searchers using other languages, enabling you to bolster international conversion rates.


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