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VALIDATA™ <br>International Linguistic Checking Services

International Linguistic Checking Services

International linguistic checking makes sure the words you use are appropriate to the audience you are addressing – in their native language.

Linguistic checks are a ‘must-have’

Whilst we may think we live in a homogeneous global village, there are very real cultural and linguistic differences across international markets.

Getting it wrong can spell disaster for your brand leading to loss of reputation, wasted marketing spend and even possible legal action.

VALIDATA International linguistic checks provide insurance against such faux pas. Services include name checking, culture checking and strap-line checking as well as localisation to help you:

  • Ensure brand and product names are effective in your target markets.
  • Maintain strapline and key message consistency across multiple international territories.
  • Avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of linguistic and cultural faux pas.

All this for less than you’d expect to pay for 1 night’s hotel accommodation.

Pricing packages

Name Check

Ensure names are appropriate for use in target markets. Check brand names, product names, company names, trademarks and titles.

From £55.00 +VAT

Culture Check

 Avoid embarrassing cultural and linguistic faux pas. Check advertising imagery, colours, product packaging and positioning.

From £95.00 +VAT

Message Check

Ensure appropriateness and consistency Strapline, slogan and marketing collateral and website copy checking.

From £110.00 +VAT

Total Check

Name, culture and message checking in one convenient, cost effective package. Perfect for international product launches and global marketing campaigns.

From £220.00 +VAT

Benefits of using Validata™

The resources and skills needed to perform checks and localisation in-house are prohibitively expensive for all but the largest of organisations. VALIDATA offers a cost effective outsourced solution to these challenges.

We consider not only the dangers of literal translations, but tone, colloquial terms, cultural preferences, nuances and traditions.

Our unique VALIDATA system ensures precise locality checking. Key components include:

  • Global reach – Over 1,000 experienced mother tongue bilingual trained researchers with strong insights and in-depth knowledge of their local markets.
  • Expertise – All subjects across all markets.
  • Flexibility – Bespoke services to suit all requirements.
  • Speed – Fast turnaround, often within 24 hours.
  • Value for money – High-quality service at a fraction of conventional costs.

Remember: The price of getting it right is often minuscule compared to cost when things go wrong.


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