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Conference Interpreters

Simultaneous Interpreting
For The Perfect Conference

  • Experienced multilingual interpreters
  • Specialist industry knowledge
  • Audio-visual venue setup included
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Conference Interpreters

Real-time simultaneous interpreting to help your conference run smoothly
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Don’t miss a thing with simultaneous interpreting

At a conference, event, or meeting at which attendees speak multiple languages, some form of translation will be necessary. In almost all of these cases, simultaneous interpreting is the perfect solution. Simultaneous interpreting involves at least two interpreters sitting in soundproof booths, listening to conversations through headphones, and translating foreign dialogue into the headphones of conference-goers.

A conference translation service that speaks your language

Here at London Translations, we offer an accurate, swift, reliable interpreting service from our dedicated team of professionals. Though you can opt to prepare your venue yourself, it’s best to leave this to our team of audio-visual engineers, who will arrive beforehand to set up and make sure everything runs smoothly.

We’ve been organising simultaneous interpretation for more than a decade, so it’s safe to say we’ve seen everything. No two conferences are the same, but we are confident our interpreters and engineers can provide a flawless service no matter how many people are attending, or how many languages are being spoken.

Our skilled simultaneous interpreters help conferences cross language barriers
Flawless simultaneous interpreting for the perfect conference
  • Experienced multilingual interpreters
  • Specialist industry knowledge
  • Audio-visual venue setup included

When simultaneous interpreting is best

Many high profile international conferences use simultaneous interpreting, including, perhaps most prominently, the United Nations General Assembly, and the European Parliament. Meetings at both of these locations are populated as much by interpreters as they are by politicians, with almost everyone in attendendance glued to headsets, speaking into microphones.

Other events that often employ simultaneous interpreting are global product launches and sales presentations, where potential buyers from around the world all need to accurately and immediately understand any announcements.

Smaller meetings or meetings in which only one participant does not speak the dominant language are better suited to whispering interpreting or consecutive interpreting, both of which have translators in the same room as participants, rather than in walled-off soundproof booths, and neither of which involve the use of headphones and microphones.


How many interpreters will I need?

Simultaneous interpretation always requires at least two interpreters, as the intensity of the task means one translator can only be at peak efficiency for a period of 20 minutes, after which they must take a break and swap places with a fellow interpreter.

The number of languages being spoken at your event will also have an impact on how many interpreters you require. Meetings with many languages will therefore need several translators, and more equipment and soundproof booth space to go with them.



How our simultaneous interpretation works

Running the perfect conference means planning ahead, and using the best equipment and personnel. Before your conference, we will need you to provide us with the following information. Once we have it, we will be able to guarantee a quality service from our world class team.

What we PROVIDE:

Skilled, professional interpreters.

All with years of expertise and specialist knowledge.

Soundproof booths.

To make sure translators hear, and create, minimal distractions.

High-tech microphones.

These will transmit crystal clear audio to translators and delegates.

Headphones with infrared receivers

Delegates will use these to tune into conversations in their own language.

ALL you need to provide:

The number of languages spoken.

This will determine how many soundproof booths and translators your conference needs.

Attendees and venue layout.

To determine how much equipment we bring, and where we set up soundproof booths.

Drafts of speeches.

Explain any specialist vocabulary to our translators.

Timetable and event structure.

A breakdown of the day’s structure and timetable will help interpreters plan their work.

Our pricing

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Once you provide details of your conference, we will be able to quote you a price based on a number of factors. We charge for interpreters on a daily or half-daily rate, with a day being eight hours (with a one hour break), and a half day being three and a half hours (no breaks).

Equipment hire is optional as our interpreters can work with equipment you provide. However, we have a strong preference for supplying our own equipment, as this is the only way we can ensure everything is 100% fit for purpose, and minimize the chance of any mishaps on the day.

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Join our freelance team

London Translations is always looking for talented interpreters and translators to join our freelance team. If you are interested in finding out more about the kind of work we offer, please get in touch today.

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