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Consecutive Interpreting
Consecutive Interpretation

Quick interpretations ideal for
fast-paced business meetings

  • Professional multilingual interpreters
  • Fast and accurate translations
  • Specialist industry knowledge
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Consecutive Interpreters

Accurate consecutive interpretation for multiple languages
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Overcome language barriers with consecutive interpreting

Meetings where attendees speak different languages can take longer than necessary, as a result of the language gap. Having the right kind of translation and interpreting is crucial, as it can keep your meeting running smoothly. Consecutive
interpreting is one of the best and most efficient ways to do this, and you often only need one interpreter per meeting.

Our skilled consecutive interpreters help meetings cross language barriers
Efficient and succinct interpretations perfect for meetings
  • Professional multilingual interpreters
  • Fast and accurate translations
  • Specialist industry knowledge

A reliable translation service without specialist equipment

At London Translations, we work with a number of expert interpreters that offer a quick and reliable service. Our consecutive interpreting service is perfect for last minute meetings, and, unlike simultaneous interpreting,
doesn’t require any professional equipment. Instead, your interpreter sits nearby, and offers a translation as soon as the speaker has finished speaking.

Consecutive interpretation can be much more reliable than other forms of interpretation, as your interpreter is sitting with you. This allows them to notice any nuances in body language, and relay that within the translations, ensuring that
everyone can follow the conversation, regardless of the languages being spoken.

Our highly professional consecutive interpreters seamlessly switch between languages for a smooth conversation

When consecutive interpreting is best

Consecutive interpretingConsecutive interpreting is perhaps best used in small business meetings or interviews. Having a small group ensures that the interpreter can quickly translate what was said for both parties, ensuring the meeting flows. Consecutive interpreting offers the advantage of being more conversational, with each party given an equal opportunity to listen and understand, and speak and respond. Instances where consecutive interpreting can be used, because of these advantages, include court depositions and medical consultations.

For these cases, the interpreter will often have background knowledge in the industry, whether it’s medical, legal, or another specialist industry. This ensures the interpreter understands exactly what is being said, and offers an accurate translation.


How many interpreters will I need?

Consecutive interpretation doesn’t necessarily require multiple interpreters, as it’s generally best used in small meetings between two parties. It’s usually best for one interpreter to translate on behalf of everyone. If there are more than two languages needing translating, it could be worth looking into more specialist services, such as whispering interpreting.

Even in a meeting with two languages that need translating, if your meeting is likely to last longer than two hours, you may want to have a second interpreter on hand to take over. Interpreting requires a lot of concentration, and you want to avoid tiring out the interpreter, as it could lead to miscommunication from interpreter fatigue.



How our consecutive interpretation works

Planning in advance is best practice for any form of interpretation that is required. However, for consecutive interpretation, you should try and brief your interpreter as much as possible, especially if you’re covering a technical topic or area. Before your meeting, we will ask you to provide the following information, in order to guarantee a quality service from our expert team.

What we PROVIDE:

Skilled, professional interpreters

All with years of experience in interpreting

Specialist knowledge on industry topics

Assist with the smooth-running of conversations with accurate translations

ALL you need to provide:

The number of languages spoken

To determine how many interpreters your meeting needs

Subject of the meeting

To give our interpreters the chance to revise background information

How is consecutive interpreting priced?

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Each interpretation project is unique, and our quotes are based on a number of factors. We charge for interpreters on a daily or half-daily rate, with a day being eight hours (with a one hour break), and a half day being three and a half hours (no breaks).

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a quote.

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