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Whispering Interpreters
Whispering Interpreters

Immediate interpretations
for large conferences

  • Professional and skilled interpreters
  • Accurate interpretations in real time
  • No specialist equipment required
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Whispering Interpreting

Highly skilled interpreters work in near real time to keep the conversation moving quickly
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Follow foreign conferences with whispering interpreting

Large business conferences and summits may be conducted in foreign languages, especially when held in another country. It can be difficult to follow along in these cases, and you may not know what type of interpretation service to choose from in order to stay up to speed. Whispering interpreting is perhaps the most time-efficient way to bridge this language gap, and ensures the meeting or summit runs smoothly.

A seamless interpretation service with no special equipment

Here at London Translations, we provide a quick, accurate, and reliable service from a team of dedicated professionals. Our whispering interpreting service is ideal for large conferences and business meetings. Our whispering interpreters are highly skilled, and do not require any specialist equipment, like simultaneous interpreting. Instead, your interpreter sits next to you, and whispers in your ear while the speaker is still speaking. Whispering interpreters will also speak on their speaker’s behalf should they need to.

We have years of experience working with clients who require whispering interpretation, and our linguists are highly skilled in providing accurate translations in near-real time. We strive to provide a flawless service, regardless of how many languages are being spoken.

Highly skilled interpreters translate speech in near real time to keep the conversation moving quickly
Quick interpretations ideal for fast-paced business meetings
  • Professional multilingual interpreters
  • Fast and accurate translations
  • Specialist industry knowledge

When whispering interpreting is best

Whispering interpreting, or chuchotage, is perhaps best used in large conferences, company board meetings, or foreign lectures. These often have a high number of attendees, making services like consecutive interpreting slow and unsuitable. Whispering interpreting ensures that the original speaker is not interrupted, and able to deliver their speech smoothly and without interruptions.

If a client was to comment during the event, the whispering interpreter can speak on their behalf, offering a translation for the rest of attendees. As this service doesn’t require any professional equipment, whispering interpreting can also be completed while walking and talking, such as on a site visit.


How many interpreters will I need?

As whispering interpreting is completed by being in close contact with the client, there should only be one interpreter per small group—however, it is best completed one-on-one. For a larger group, it could be worth having two interpreters, so everyone can hear the whispered translation. However, when the meeting is made of up just a few attendees and there are only two languages requiring translation, whispering interpreting may not be the best service.

Whispering interpreters need to be able listen and interpret at the same time, which can get difficult. You should bear this in mind when booking a whispering interpreter as, if the meeting is likely to run for longer than two hours, you may want to have a second interpreter on hand to take over. Interpreting requires a lot of concentration, and you want to avoid miscommunication due to interpreter fatigue.



How our whispering interpretation works

Planning in advance is best practice for any form of interpretation that is required. However, with whispering interpretation, you should brief your interpreter, especially if covering a technical topic. If your interpreter knows as much as possible before the meeting, they will be able to prepare by learning any technical terms, which will provide a more accurate translation.

What we PROVIDE:

Skilled, professional interpreters

All with years of experience in interpreting

Specialist knowledge on industry topics

Assistance with the smooth-running of conversations with accurate translations

ALL you need to provide:

The number of languages spoken

To determine how many interpreters your meeting needs

Subject of the meeting

Giving our interpreters the chance to revise background information

How is whispering interpreting priced?

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Each interpretation project is specific, and our quotes are based on a number of factors. We charge for interpreters on a daily or half-daily rate, with a day being eight hours (with a one hour break), and a half day being three and a half hours (no breaks).

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a quote.

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London Translation is always looking for talented translators and interpreters to join us on a freelance basis. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch today.

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