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Police Translations

Police Translations

At London Translations, our linguists provide accurate translations for the police force, preventing language barriers from getting in the way of their service to the community.

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Translations for the Police

With an increase in globalisation and immigration, the UK now has a vibrant and diverse population, speaking hundreds of languages. The police, along with other public service providers, are obligated to be accessible to everyone in the community, regardless of their background or their native language. Our translation services bridge any communication gaps, making it easier for the police to speak with everyone effectively.

At London Translations, our services are available at our customers’ convenience, regardless of time or location. To guarantee accessibility, we provide a high-quality online video interpretation service for on-demand translation and interpretation around the clock.

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Translations for Prison Services

We extend our translation services to prisons, ensuring that all inmates can clearly understand the services available to them. This translation service aims to help both inmates and prison staff, improving communication within the system. As with all of our public sector work, we promise the utmost security with our prison translation services.

We Provide Accurate Police Translations

Our team of linguists have years of experience working closely with the police, thanks to our high levels of professionalism and accuracy. We understand that the police force may need a large number of documents translated, including witness statements, court documents and classified public information. Our translators are highly skilled in dealing with sensitive data and we guarantee security with all our translation and interpretation documents.

Public information statements
Witness statements & testimonies
Sensitive materials
Information for inmates

Quality Promise

We are committed to providing a consistent level of quality in all our customer engagements. Our staff members follow well-established business processes so we can communicate clearlydeliver on time and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Quality Commitment


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To find out more about our website translation and localisation services, call us on +44 20 7021 0888, email info@londontranslations.co.uk or contact us using our online translation quote form. We will acknowledge your request immediately and respond to you with a quote within an hour.
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