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App Translation Services

App Translation Services

Extend the reach of your app by providing a translated version to your international audiences and offer everyone an enhanced customer experience.

What is App Translation?

Mobile apps are a huge part of the smartphone experience, and there’s no telling whether the next person to download your app could be located in Brazil, Bangladesh or Belgium. Yet, while your app might be globally accessible, it may not be ready for the international market. This is where our app translation service comes in.

From the menu navigation to the terms and conditions, app translation ensures your product makes sense to all users, regardless of which language they speak. A common downfall is relying on computer software to translate your app’s content word-for-word and hoping your target audience will be able to understand it. Literal translation sticks too closely to the source content, which often means that it won’t accurately convey the original text’s meaning.

This is what makes professional translation services absolutely essential when launching an app in foreign markets. You do not want to alienate your target audience by failing to provide content they can understand. Here at London Translations, we pride ourselves on the quality of our translation service, and will ensure that nothing is lost in translation for international users of your app. All of our linguists are native speakers of the languages they translate, making sure that are both fluent in the target language and naturally immersed in the country’s culture, guaranteeing the cultural accuracy of their translations too.

Benefits of translating your application

Tired of language barriers hindering your travel, communication, or business opportunities? With industry-leading technology and a global network of expert linguists, we deliver accurate, nuanced translations at your fingertips so that you can bridge the gap seamlessly.

With 90% of mobile phone activity now occurring on apps instead of web browsers, apps are becoming an indispensable tool for companies across the world. Ensuring your app content can be understood by all users is therefore crucial.

By translating your application, you guarantee that all of your customers—no matter where they are and what language they speak—can have the same quality of experience. Literal translation will not achieve this, and could instead marginalise those that do not speak your native tongue. Making sure everybody engages with your app in the same way will demonstrate that you care about each and every one of your customers, and help foster widespread brand loyalty in the long run.

The benefits of app translation are clear—translated apps receive 128% more downloads than the rest, so accurate translation should be a top priority for anyone launching an app internationally. By calling upon London Translations to take care of these translations, you will receive the highest quality standard of translation that is sure to put your app on the map.


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