CMS Translation

CMS Translation

London Translations provides expert CMS translation services which can allow your website or app to be understood across your target languages, compatible with most content management system and plug-ins.

What is CMS translation?

A CMS, which stands for “content management system”, is the backbone of any website, including this one. It is the behind the scenes platform which allows webmasters to upload and edit content and images, and design each individual webpage.

CMS translation services can allow businesses who are expanding their services across international territories to ensure that their content will be understood perfectly in other languages. This also means that content can be easily updated without having to make any fundamental changes to coding, or the rest of the information on your site or app.

Since every CMS provides a central way to operate and update your website, having a standardised translation across your site or app’s entire front end—the part that your customers actually see—is critical. Therefore, hiring expert CMS translation services from London Translations will make sure that your online presence is understood by whoever needs to see it, wherever they are.

Supported Software


WordPress is the world’s most well-known content management system for a reason, armed with countless excellent plug-ins and a simple interface that lets anyone start their own website in minutes.


Uploading your own content to Qordoba Strings Intelligence Platform has become easier than ever. Its new AI functionality can also assess all text and images you upload to make sure its tone, grammar and style are consistent across every page.


With options to design presentations and entire portfolios, Readymag is fast becoming the platform of choice for workers in the creative industries.


Based on php coding, Joomla is free-to-use and offers an intuitive platform for new webmasters to create their own site.


An open-source CMS, Drupal is used by millions of people around the world to build their websites. It is written in php and is highly customisable.


Another php-based CMS, Typo3 is also open-source, and free-to-use. The platform can be used to make apps and intranet systems as well as websites.


The leading name in e-commerce, Shopify lets brands set up a webstore easily, complete with registering a custom domain name.


Another popular e-commerce platform with B2C and B2B companies, Magento is owned by Adobe and runs on open-sourced code.

If your platform of choice is not listed here, get in touch today to discuss how we can offer CMS translation services for your website.

Do I need CMS translation?

If your business is only operating in a single country, which speaks one unified language, then CMS translation may not be necessary for you at this point in time.

However, if you are looking to expand your reach, your services or your target audience, localising your website or app will be one of the most effective ways to deliver this with immediate results. We can work closely with your development team to ensure that all of your coding remains as it should be, while also translating any updated content you choose to add to your online platforms.

Not dissimilarly to our desktop publishing translations, we will also ensure that any CMS translations we provide will fit your website’s design template precisely, with all of your text fitting within your existing wireframe. If any editing needs to be done, we will go through any changes which may need to be made to the text with you, to ensure that nothing on your website gets lost in translation.

Our Quality

Our blend of expertise, talent and commitment has helped us become one of the most sought-after translation agencies around. Get in touch with our team today and discover more about our services.

Our Quality Promise


Pricing packages available

You can use our services on an adhoc basis or take advantage of one of our contracted offers to suit your business requirements. Enter into a bespoke contract with London Translations and we will tailor a pricing package that best suits your business requirements:

Pay per minute of dictation for digital audio
Pay per word for copy typing
Pay by the hour for manuscript amendment or reformatting documents
Monthly fee that covers all services
Service options Economy Standard Premium
Dedicated Account Manager available 24/7
Translation by mother-tongue linguist & QA review
Translation Memory (TM) & glossary updates
Formatting & layout
Access to Client portal “My Donut”
Proofreading by a second mother-tongue linguist
Desktop Publishing
Certification by company or translator
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