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Accurate Translation or Misinterpretation? – Video

The important differences between accurate translation and misinterpretation

According to recent reports, Juventus footballer Paul Pogba has found himself at the centre of transfer speculation following a misinterpretation. We take a look at the reports in today’s video and discuss the importance of accurate translation.

It is reported that midfielder Paul Pogba was misinterpreted during an interview on French television. The translator failed to relay the correct meaning according to reports. In the interview he said that he’d be free to speak his mind at the end of the season but what he actually meant was that he simply didn’t want to think about anything other than what happens on the field.accurate translation

A spokesperson for London Translations said recently…

“The article refers to ‘the translation’ but was really being used was an interpreter, not a translator. Translators work with written words and usually have time to consider which choice of words best represents the author’s intended meaning. By contrast, interpreters work with spoken words, usually in real-time and hence have to get it right first time. There are several measures you can take when working with interpreters to help avoid mistakes. We have produced a free whitepaper on the subject, simply search our website for ‘Interpreting Without Tears’ to download your free copy”.

Source: https://forzaitalianfootball.com/2014/03/juventus-director-pogba-was-misinterpreted/

Included is the link to our whitepaper below:

Interpreting Without Tears – Free Guide

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